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Palmdale Catering

The exact match keyword domain name Palmdale Catering is now available for sale! Outcome Brokerage assists business owners in acquiring domain names that can increase the profitability of their business.

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We're tech-focused. Independent. We hire writers, entrepreneurs, and techies alongside our PR pros. And, we're still founder-run after more than 20 years.
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  2. Generate Prequalified Leads

    Exact match keyword domains can be utilized as "micro-sites" or lead generation pages which enable you to educate your prospective customers who are already searching for more information on your services.

  3. Capture Direct Navigation Traffic

    Direct navigation or "type-in" traffic is when a prospect types a keyword phrase directly into an internet browser bar and bypasses the major search engines. This is the most targeted traffic available and is only available through an EMD.

  4. Upgrade Your Existing Brand

    Exact match domains can become stand alone brands and authority portals online. You can also utilize this kind of domain to replace or upgrade the quality of your existing domain.

  5. Save Thousands In Search Advertising Costs

    Google has advertisers bid against each other to have their ads placed in premium positions under keyword phrases. Competitive terms such as Palmdale Catering will typically command Pay Per Click costs above $2 for a single click on the ad!

  6. Secure Your Competitive Advantage

    There is only one exact match domain for your niche and they rarely become available for sale. By purchasing this domain you prevent your competitors from using it. Domains can be used for both offensive and defensive marketing strategies.

  7. Compliment Your SEO Efforts

    Exact match domains can be used as Link Anchor Text which helps you achieve a high organic page rank in Google. This is a major benefit and is often the sole reason for buying a domain name.

  8. Domain Names Are Assets

    Unlike traditional advertising vehicles, domain names can be bought and sold in the secondary market. They last for the full lifecycle of your business.

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